Searching John Venables' Website

This is a fairly large web site and it may be quite difficult, on occasions, to find what you are looking for. I used Picosearch until recently, but they announced that the service would be discontinued as of July 2014. Sad as this is, it acknowledges the overwhelming power of Google: alternative suggestions are welcome.

In the meantime, Go to a Google search, and enter and you will get a large number or hits. THEN follow with your Search Term, and you should find, roughly, what you are looking for. Once you get better at it, you can do these two steps in one.

The search works best for words which only appear a few times on these pages. If you pick a common word, such as Arizona or Surfaces, a large number of pages will be returned, each with a number of instances of the word contained within it. On the other hand, a specific search such as "DeYoreo" or "Liquid phase epitaxy", or "Auger Spectroscopy" will return a few pages, which can quickly be sifted.

I would be pleased to hear whether you find this search facility useful.