Appendix D Update

Introduction to Surface and Thin Film Processes

John A. Venables

Cambridge University Press (2000)

Supplementary notes by John A. Venables

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Appendix D update: Resources on the web or CD-ROM

Appendix D of the book is essentially the same as my Web-based resources pages. So there is no need to update these pages as such. However, if readers have difficulty in locating specific pages on the web, such as projects, I can provide a link here.

For example, there is a reference in chapter 1, page 9, to a student project on the properties of stereograms. This can be found via the web-based resources page at Background material and student projects or directly at Monika Fleischer's project on Crystallographic Notation and Stereograms.

There is also a direct link to Per Stoltze's pages, vizualizing surface planes, either via the web-based resources page at Surface theory and simulation codes, or directly at Crystallography of metal surfaces, or indeed via Monika's project, section 4.

New references for Appendix D
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