Book chapter 2

Introduction to Surface and Thin Film Processes

John A. Venables

Cambridge University Press (2000)

Supplementary notes by John A. Venables

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Chapter 2: Surfaces in vacuum: ultra-high vacuum techniques and processes

Corrections, comments and updates

2.1 Kinetic theory concepts

In section 2.1.2 on page 37, there is a typographic error in equation 2.2, which should have (p/T) on the right hand side, not /T. This was wrong on the web lecture notes, which have also now been corrected. This mistake is in the original (2000) printing, but has been corrected in the 2006 printing. Thanks to Karsten Pohl for spotting this mistake.

In section 2.1.3 on pages 37-38, and in problem 2.1 on pages 60-61, reference is made to vacuum design at large institutions such as CERN. These organizations have whole departments devoted to vacuum design, construction and maintenance. Information can be found via my Materials for use in ultra-high vacuum page, or directly at the Vacuum system of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. The new database-driven structure of the CERN web site seems to have made it currently less useful for browsing from the outside; too bad, the previous html-based site was very nice.

New references for section 2.1

2.2 Vacuum concepts

New references for section 2.2

2.3 UHV hardware: pumps, tubes, materials and pressure measurement

I trust it is clear that all the calculations given in this section, and in Appendix F, are valid in the molecular flow regime, as mentioned in section 2.2.3 on page 42.

New references for section 2.3

2.4 Surface preparation and cleaning procedures : in-situ experiments

In section 2.4.3 on pages 51-53, reference is made to the synchrotron radiation facility, HASYLab in Hamburg (Germany). Synchrotron radiation sources around the world can be accessed via my Synchrotron radiation facilities page.

New references for section 2.4

2.5 Thin film deposition procedures: sources of information

New references for section 2.5

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