Updates, ordering information and general comments

Introduction to Surface and Thin Film Processes

John A. Venables

Cambridge University Press (2000)

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Ordering information

The book is available and can be ordered in paperback (ISBN 0 521 78500 6) from the Cambridge University Press website in UK/Europe/Asia. It can also be ordered in North and South America, or you can go directly to the actual title. For a search, put in Venables in the home page search box and you will get me, plus my ex-Sussex namesake Anthony Venables. The advanced search link allows you to get me alone via "venables j a". The hardcover (ISBN 0 521 62460 6) version has been discontinued, but some copies are available, for example on Amazon, both new and used.

Contents: comments, corrections, and updates

Here, on my ASU site, the Book contents may be consulted for more detail, and some additional notes and references are given, sorted by chapter. These notes supplement the book itself, may be added to in future, and provide links to my Web-based resources in Surfaces and Thin Films. These resources have been constructed in conjunction with my Graduate courses, and Web-based talks and articles. A few years ago I recommended some general Tips on searching the web for information, but now you can either use the above resources or go straight to the amazing Google search engine.

Reference updates

One particular point arises in conjunction with references. The book contains almost a thousand references, and yet this long list is necessarily only indicative. I have tended to quote the earlier and review papers on a particular topic. Library searches using the web are now so efficient that one can enter an older reference, and find out all subsequent papers by the same author, and/or all authors who have quoted the reference. In this way the enquirer may quickly find out more than could possibly be distilled into a book such as this. I have been using the admirable Web of Science™, but web access to this and similar resources is limited to those having a subscription, typically via their (academic) workplace, or professional association. If you experience particular difficulties in this respect, please feel free to contact me by email.

An exception to this quoting of earlier references is that I have omitted older references, often in languages other than English, where I thought the papers would better be approached via one of the reviews quoted. I had in mind that supervisors might not thank me for increasing their bill for copying and interlibrary loan, and students might also find that having got the paper they couldn't understand it. However, some of these references are given in these pages for those who do want to follow them up. My own view is that quoting such papers just to show erudition is rather annoying, especially if one hasn't actually read them, which remains as a suspicion in the mind on reading some such papers...


I am getting feedback from students and faculty who have been using the book, both for courses and for research work. This feedback has been very useful, and I trust you will continue to use these pages for clarification, and also to give me your impressions. Please contact me by email, but send any extensive material, such as preprints, by regular mail, and not as attachments.

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