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Introduction to Surface and Thin Film Processes

John A. Venables

Cambridge University Press (2000)

Supplementary notes by John A. Venables

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Reference update contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to surface processes (New material 7 Jul 2002)

Chapter 2 Surfaces in vacuum: ultra-high vacuum techniques and processes

Chapter 3 Electron-based techniques for examining surface and thin film processes (New material 15 Oct 2003)

Chapter 4 Surface processes in adsorption (New material 12 Oct 2006)

Chapter 5 Surface processes in epitaxial growth (New material 2 Sep 2000)

Chapter 6 Electronic structure and emission processes at metallic surfaces (New material 27 Aug 2006)

Chapter 7 Semiconductor surfaces and interfaces (New material 29 Aug 2006)

Chapter 8 Surface processes in thin film devices (New material 29 Aug 2006)

Chapter 9 Postscript: where do we go from here? (New material 30 Apr 2002)

Appendices (New material 30 Jan 2002)

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