Searching John Venables' Website


Enter a word or phrase in the above box to search my site. Normal conventions apply, as in the use of quotes to limit the search to exact wording, etc. Please note that this "PicoSearch" search works on John Venables' site only. It is not a general search of web resources, for which other search engines exist, such as Google or AltaVista. I have given some tips on searching in my talks, as in Other graduate resources.

What "PicoSearch" does it to look for the appearance of the search word or phrase on these pages, and returns a list of the pages where they appear, with a few words on either side of the search term to help you find the entry on the page itself. You then have to access the page concerned to find the relevant words. Further search terms can be used, but may not be needed, since most of my pages are reasonably short.

The search works best for words which only appear a few times on these pages. If you pick a common word, such as "arizona" or "surfaces", there will be a large number of pages returned, each with a number of instances of the word contained within it. On the other hand, a specific search such as "DeYoreo", "KDP" or "superconductor" will return a few pages, which can quickly be sifted. Note that this search is not confined to the Gordon Research Conference subset of my site.

I would be pleased to hear whether you find this search facility useful.

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