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1999 Gordon Conference Poster Sessions

Monday and Tuesday

The nature of ripples and islands in strained SiGe/Si heteroepitaxy: nucleation vs. instability phenomena
S.H. Christiansen, M. Albrecht, M. Becker, H. Wawra (a), H.P. Strunk Institute of Materials Sciences, Erlangen University, Germany, and (a)Institute of Crystal Growth, Berlin, Germany

Nucleation and Growth of Metals on Semiconductor by Electrodeposition
R. Cecchini

Development of an optimized DACS for metals-MBE set-up
Pedro Pablo Martin Alonso de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Cantoblanco. 28049 Madrid. España

Nucleation and growth of supported metal clusters at deffect sites on MgO(001): The case of Pd and Ag
J. A. VenablesS#, G. Haas§, H. Brune§ and J.H. Harding* #Department of Physics and Astronomy, Arizona State University, Tempe AZ 85287-1504, and School of Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. §Institut de Physique Experimental, EPFL, CH 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland. *Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College, Gower Street, London, UK

Rate-equation approach to nucleation and growth in homoepitaxy
Mihail N. Popescu, Fereydoon Family, Department of Physics, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322. Jacques G. Amar, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 43606

Correlation of Structural and Electronic Properties of Highly Mismatched InSb Films
X. Weng, R. S. Goldman, D. L. Partin, and J. P. Heremans Univ. of Michigan

Point-Island and Extended-Island Models of Submonolayer Island Growth
Oana Ttataru and Fereydoon Family, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322

Annealing Behavior of Nano-Scale Ripples on Si(001)
Jonah Erlebacher Harvard University

Steering-Enhanced Roughening during Metal Deposition at Grazing Incidence
Sebastiaan van Dijken
Faculty of Applied Physics, University of Twente, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherands

In situ synchrotron x-ray and electron diffraction experiments during MBE: the Paul Drude Institute beamline system at BESSY II in Berlin
Wolfgang Braun
Paul-Drude-Institut f¸r Festkˆrperelektronik, Hausvogteiplatz 5-7, D-10117 Berlin, Germany

MBE growth of InGaAs/GaPAsSb structures for GaAs-based optoelectronic applications in the 1.1-1.5m wavelength range
Wolfgang Braun
Paul-Drude-Institut f¸r Festkˆrperelektronik, Hausvogteiplatz 5-7, D-10117 Berlin, Germany

New concepts in modeling epitaxy using the level-set method
C. Ratsch and M.F. Gyure, HRL Laboratories, Malibu, CA;
R. Caflisch, S. Chen, M. Kang, B. Merriman, and S. Osher,
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA; and D.D. Vvedensky, Imperial College, London, UK

Mechanisms of Mound Coarsening in Unstable Epitaxial Growth
Jacques G. Amar
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 43606

X-ray Scattering Studies of Ag Homoepitaxy: Quantitative Investigations of Kinetic Roughening
P. F. Miceli*, W. C. Elliott*, M. A. Sahiner*, C. Botez*, and P. W. Stephens**
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO 65211

Epitaxial Growth of III-nitride Layers on AlN Substrates
Leo J. Schowalter*,**, Glen A. Slack*,**, Yuriy Shusterman**, Rongjun Wang**, shwara Bhat**, Kenneth Morgan**, J. Carlos Rojo*
*Crystal IS, Inc., Latham, NY 12110
**Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12180


Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Misfit Dislocations in IV-VI Semiconductor Multilayers
Karin Wiesauer

Strain Evolution in coherent Ge/Si islands
Chuan-Pu Liu

Influence of LT-GaAs on the interface structure during thermal oxidation of AlGaAs
J.C. Ferrer
U.C. Berkeley

Influence of the In content on the atomic structure of InGaN layers
M. Benamara
U.C. Berkeley

Nearly Perfect 3D Ordering in IV-VI Quantum Dot Superlattices
Michael Pinczolits
Institut fuer Halbleiterphysik, Universitaet Linz
Altenberger Strasse 69, A-4040 Linz, Austria

Effect of interatomic anharmonicity in quantum dots formation
Elka Koroutcheva, Antonio M. Turiel, and Ivan Markov
Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

MEE of Copper Indium Selenide: Surfactant Influence on Structure and Phase Segregation
B. J. Stanbery
Department of Chemical Engineering, 227 Chemical Engineering Building, P. O. Box 116005, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-6005

Modeling Transport and Kinetics of Crystal Growth from Liquid Solutions
J.J. Derby, Y.-I. Kwon, and B. Vartak
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota, 151 Amundson Hall, 421 Washington Ave., S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455-0132

The Research of Dynamics of Binary alloy Structure
A.S. Kozlova
Moscow Aviation Institute, Volocolamskoe shosse, Moscow, 125871, Russia

Heteroepitaxial Growth in Aqueous Solutions: Rubidium Iodide on Mica
Frank Lamelas
Dept. of Physics, Marquette University

Determination of the CSD in a batch crystallization process using Ultrasonic Spectroscopy
Patricia Mougin
Heriot-Watt University

On-line determination of Solution Supersaturation via ATR FTIR Spectroscopy.
Heidi Groen
Heriot-Watt University

Interdiffusion and Segregation in Stacked Self-Assembled InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots.
B. Lita, R.S. Goldman, J.D. Phillips, and P.K. Bhattacharya
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, 2300 Hayward Street, 2220I H.H. Dow Bldg., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2136

Microstructure of Self Assembled Quantum dots using TEM
Lian Guoda
Dept. Phys, Appl. Phys. & Astronomy, Rensselaer, Troy, NY 12180