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This file contains informal pictures from the 2001 Gordon Conference on


The 2001 conference in this series was held at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, July 1-6, 2001. Poster sessions were held in the spacious hall just outside the lecture theatre, as illustated in the informal pictures shown here. Note the international atmosphere, the serious discussions, and the liquid refreshment (not provided by GRC funds) and the sylvan suroundings. At the time, I offered to provide a beer at the next conference to the participant providing the best figure caption, by email to John Venables. But of course no-one took me up on this kind offer, because the beer was provided free anyway...

More serious suggestions to the next 2009 chair Jonah Erlebacher or the vice-chair Christine Orme.

Poster Photos 2001

Figure 1: Whose posters are these anyway? Don't you wish you were outside?

Figure 2: Peter Bennett is in convincing form: but does his listener buy it?

Figure 3: Shuji Hasegawa and Ayahiko Ichimiya share a well-earned joke: but what was so funny?

Figure 4: Ellen Williams, our chair, listens patiently to Peter Feibelman: but is he serious (I mean, off the tennis court)?

Figure 5: David Cahill, our vice-chair, gets an explanation from Vladimir Kaganer: yep, they are serious!

Figure 6: Christine Orme is really quite sceptical: but what was Frank Lamelas on about anyway?

Figure 7: Yes, it really was nice outside: and the tennis was good too (well, enjoyable anyway).

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