Thin Film & Crystal Growth Mechanisms

July 1-6, 2001
Williams College
Williamstown, MA

Ellen D. Williams, Chair
David G. Cahill, Vice-Chair

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EVENING: 7:30-9:30Crystals and Epitaxy
Discussion Leader: John Venables, Arizona State University
J.J. DeYoreo, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sea Shells, Viruses, and Chocolate Bars: an overview of dynamics at the crystal/solution interface
G. Ehrlich, University of Illinois
Diffusion, interactions and growth on crystals: an atom-by-atom view
MORNING: 9-12:30Organic Thin Films
Discussion Leader, Steve Sibener, University of Chicago
L.E. Feldman, Vanderbilt University
The organic/semiconductor/dielectric/metal interface
F.J. Meyer zu Heringdorf, IBM T.J. Watson Research Laboratory
Pentacene Film Growth
F.J. Himpsel, University of Wisconsin
Self-assembly of Organic and Inorganic Nanostructures on Silicon
AFTERNOON: 4:00-6:00 Poster Session I
EVENING: 7:30-930Pattern formation in Growth and Coarsening
Discussion Leader: Toh-Ming Lu, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
G. Kellogg, Sandia National Laboratory - Albuquerque
The Evolution of Self-Assembled Domain Structures
T. Michely, RWTH Aachen
Coarsening Mechanisms in Surface Morphological Evolution
MORNING: 9-12:30 Fundamentals of Solution-Phase Growth
Discussion Leader: Joanna Aizenberg, Lucent
P. Vekilov, University of Alabama
Molecular-level parameters for the self assembly of biological macromolecules into crystals
S. Weiner, Weizmann Institute
Biomineralization: Control over calcium carbonate formation
J.J. Derby, U. of Minnesota
Hydrodynamics of KDP Growth from Solution
AFTERNOON: 4:00-6:00 Poster Session I (continued)
EVENING: 7:30-930Nano-structured Growth
Discussion Leader: John D. Weeks, University of Maryland
M. Hines, Cornell University
Silicon Etching: from atomic-scale chemical reactions to macroscopic morphologies
P.V. Braun, U. of Illinois
Nano-patterned colloidal deposition
MORNING: 9-12:30Thin Film Growth Fundamentals
Discussion Leader Peter Feibelman, Sandia National Laboratory - Albuquerque
W. Braun, Paul Drude Institut
Shape Evolution during over growth on structured substrates
D. Kandel, Weizmann Institute
A New Approach to Continuum Modeling of Thin Film Morphological Evolution
P. Kratzer, Fritz Haber Institut
From DFT Studies to Growth Simulations: Modeling and Molecular Beam Epitaxy of GaAs
AFTERNOON: 4:00-6:00Poster Session II
Novel Optical Properties
Discussion Leader: Ellen Williams, University of Maryland
C. Orme, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Probing Crystal Growth Using Chiral Molecules
P. Reynders, Merck Laboratories
Novel Industrial Pigments with Special Optical Effects
MORNING: 9-12:30Electronic Properties
Discussion Leader: J. Pelz, Ohio State University
J. Nogami, Michigan State University
Rare Earth Silicide Nanowires on Silicon Surfaces
S. Hasegawa, University of Tokyo
Electronic Conductivity of Thin Metal Layers on Silicon
P. Bennett, Arizona State University
Surface Kinetics of Reactive Epitaxial Growth of Silicides
AFTERNOON: 4:00-6:00Poster Session II (continued)
EVENING: 7:30-930Special Topics Discussions and Wrap Up
Discussion Leaders: Harald Brune and Christian Ratsch
Nucleation and Growth
Discussion Leader: David Cahill
Epitaxial Nanostructures
Discussion Leader: Joanna Aizenberg

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