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This conference was held at Plymouth State College, New Hampshire, from June 20 to 25, 1999. The co-chairs were Leo Schowalter and Jim De Yoreo, and the vice-chair, Ellen Williams.
You can access the posted schedule and the poster titles from this page.

The conference was the second in this series.  The first in the series was held at Plymouth State College  July 6-11, 1997 with co-chairs John Venables and Iwan Alexander. Please consult the 1997 Conference Program.

This conference was a merger of two previous conference series, 'Epitaxial Thin Films and Interfaces', last held in 1995 and 'Crystal Growth', last held in 1994. In 1997, we attracted over 100 participants, whose interests spanned the above fields, looking for areas of mutually beneficial overlap.  A similar number is expected in the upcoming conference.  The 1999 conference focussed on role, control, and use of defects in crystal and epitaxial growth.  Sunday will lead off with a historical perspective "50 years after Burton, Cabrera and Frank"  and will be followed by sessions dealing with Growth and Strain Relief by Dislocations, Phase Stability, Atomic and Molecular Processes at Surfaces, and Pattern Formation through Kinetics and Thermodynamics as well as a final session on hot topics.

The conference had the usual Gordon Conference format: 3 morning talks, 2 evening talks, with afternoons free for discussion and activities. Poster sessions started at 4:30 Monday through Thursday

Previous programs of the above conferences can be inspected, and you can find more about the 2001 Conference from this page.