This file contains a list of accepted speakers and discussion leaders (alpha order) for the 1997 Gordon Conference on


Plymouth State College (South), New Hampshire, USA.

  • July 6th-11th, 1997

  • Co-Chairs, John A. Venables and Iwan Alexander
  • Co-Vice Chairs and Poster Organisers, Leo Schowalter and Jim DeYoreo

  • G.S. Bales, Lawrence Livermore Lab, Calfornia
    Discussion Leader
    A.L. Barabasi, University of Notre Dame, Indiana
    Self-assembled Quantum Dot Formation on 
    Semiconductor Surfaces
    J.M. Blakely, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
    Making Step-free Surfaces of Si and Other Materials
    H. Brune, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
    STM studies of Sub-Monolayer Epitaxy
    A. Chernov, NASA Marshall Space Science Center, Huntsville
    Discussion Leader
    A. DePristo, Iowa State University, Ames and DOE, Washington
    Energetics, Dynamics and Kinetics of Metal 
    Film Growth
    M. DiGiuseppe, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, New Jersey
    Discussion Leader
    R.F. Davis, North Carolina State University, Raleigh
    Growth of Wide Band Gap Light-Emitting Materials
    J.M. Gibson, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Discussion Leader
    Claire Gmachl,  Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, New Jersey
    Quantum Cascade Lasers
    I. Goldfarb, University of Oxford, UK
    In-situ STM Observations of Surface Evolution during Gas-Source
    MBE of GexSi1-x (001)
    Carol A. Handwerker, NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland
    Discussion Leader
    N. Inoue, RIAST, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan 
    In-situ SEM studies of MBE GaAs growth
    K.A. Jackson, University of Arizona, Tucson
    Crystal Growth from the Vapor, Melt and Solution: 
    Similarities and Differences
    K. Kern, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland Discussion Leader
    T.F. Kuech, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Strained Layer Epitaxy with Compliant Substrates
    S.S.P. Parkin, IBM Almaden, California
    Magnetic Nanostructures, Growth, Physics and 
    Assia Pavlovska, Arizona State Univerity, Tempe
    LEEM Studies of Nitride Growth
    K. Ploog, Paul-Drude Institut, Berlin, Germany
    Discussion Leader
    C. Ratsch, Fritz Haber Institut, Berlin, Germany
    DFT Calculations of Surface Diffusion
    G. Rosenfeld, FZ Juelich and University of Bonn, Germany
    STM Studies of Cluster Diffusion and Decay on 
    Metal Surfaces
    W. Schwarzacher, University of Bristol, UK
    Electrochemical Growth of Magnetic Multilayers 
    M. Siegert, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
    Growth Instabilities, Coarsening and Steady-State
    Fluctuations of Surfaces
    G. Sprunger, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
    Surface Alloying in Heteroepitaxial Metal on Metal Growth
    M. Strzhemechny, ILTP, Kharkov, Ukraine
    Growth of Cryocrystals at Low Temperature
    B. Swartzentruber, Sandia National Lab, Albuquerque
    STM studies of Diffusion on Silicon
    J. Tersoff, IBM Yorktown, New York
    Modelling and Control of Self-Organisation in 
    Epitaxial Growth
    R.M. Tromp, IBM Yorktown, New York
    New Results from LEEM and UHV-TEM
    P. Vekilov, University of Alabama, Hunstville
    Non-linear Dynamics of Layer Growth in the mixed
    Kinetics- Bulk Transport Regime
    P.W. Voorhees, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
    Discussion Leader
    Ellen D. Williams, University of Maryland, College Park
    Modification of Interface Morphology during 
    Growth and Etching
    D.E. Wolf, University of Duisburg, Germany
    Diffusion on Strained Layers
    G. Zinsmeister, Balzers, Lichtenstein
    Rate Equations Approaches to Thin Film 
    Nucleation and Growth Kinetics