Surviving as graduate students: what can you do to help yourselves?

John A. Venables (Director of Graduate Studies, Physics and Astronomy, ASU)


In this seminar, I am planning to initiate a discussion with and between graduate students. An alternate title would be "Graduate studies in Physics and Astronomy: why are we here?" Either way, graduate study corresponds to a very important stage in our lives, where we make the transition from general education to professionally certified competence, ready to take on the world in our chosen field.

The Graduate Program Committee (GPC) has made some changes to the curriculum over the last few years, and has written a report that is on the web at Some of the issues that arise from these changes can form a basis for discussion, amongst of course many other issues. My thesis is that we may make better/ faster progress if we spend some time reflecting on where we have got to and where we want to go, both as individuals and as a department. Please bring your Graduate Student handbooks, and be ready to contribute to the discussion!

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Latest version of this document: 23rd February 2005.