What do we need to do next?

John A. Venables

Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA
CPES, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK
Topics for discussion include:
Collaboration between like-minded groups
How can we avoid re-inventing the wheel, and get benefits of (intra- and inter- institution) collaboration, without either encouraging plagiarism or stirring defensive reactions?  
Internal University-based support for 'experimenters'
Web-based and web-enhanced teaching is not research. But it is sufficiently novel that encouragement and support are needed, if the job is to be done properly...  
Changes in departmental responsibilities
New appointments and balances between faculty/ technical/ secretarial duties are/ will be/ needed to ensure a professional web presence and encourage individual innovation within some sort of institutional framework... 
Informal feedback on usefulness
This topic is too important to be left solely to educational researchers. Web-based and web-enhanced teaching will become widespread, but can we afford to take the time to (learn to) use the full panoply of educational research tools for evaluation...?  


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