Problem and Project Assignments for Surface and Thin Films, Spring 2011

John Venables, Dept of Physics, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.


  • Meeting times have been arranged as (mostly) twice per week on Tuesday and Thursdays at 1.30-2.45 pm in ECG G320.
  • The initial Outline and a page of Web-based Resources have been created; these will be further developed as the course proceeds. The timetable indicates reading and problem assignments and when assignments are due. Note that none of these assignments should be done ‘blind’. They all require prior consultation on whether they are appropriate for your individual needs. The timetable will be adjusted as the semester proceeds.

Problems and Project Assignments for Spring 2011

The first two Problem Assignments are due to be completed by Spring Break, with individual earlier deadlines set by email. Make sure that you contact me in time if you need some help- you are not expected to be able to do these problems without some assistance.

The assignments for 2011 will be set as the course proceeds. The first two Problem Assignments are given in the first problem assignment and provisionally the second problem assignment. These assignments are essentially the problems given in my book for chapters 1 and 2, and parts of chapter 3, but we may put extra problems on the web-site. In particular this year, as many solutions as appropriate should be solved by computer, using Matlab, Mathematica and/or Java/ Javascript.

I am not expecting all of you to do all of them, and they may be varied this year, and/or tailored to individual needs and interests.

To get an idea of possible choices after Spring Break, consult the Lecture list, the current Course outline, or the Book contents. What will actually happen is subject to consultation with individual students.

Talks and Term Projects for Spring 2011

These assignments form much of your work after Spring Break, with the topics discussed individually. The list of topics is given in Assignment-three. Because of the greater number of students in this class this year, students are doing a talk or a project, not both.

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