NAN/PHY/MSE 546: Surfaces and Thin Films (Venables)
Problem Assignments for Section 1, Spring 2011

Problems set by John A. Venables. Latest version of this document 10 January 2011.

The first and second Problem Assignments are due to be completed before Spring break, but I will set individual deadlines before then by email. I expect three of the following problems to be done by the agreed deadline. There will be a second problem assignment on section 2 and parts of 3. Please let me know which subjects interest you as a topic for a talk or mini-project for later in the semester.

These problems test ideas of bond counting, elementary statistical mechanics, diffusion and surface structure. They have typically not been done ‘cold’, but have been used to open a discussion on topics which are best attempted through problem solving rather than by lecturing. There are further problems of a similar type in Desjonquères and Spanjaard, chapters 2 and 3. Make sure that you see me in time if you need some help- you are not expected to be able to do this assignment without some assistance, and you won't be able to complete these problems if you only think about them the night before.