Graduate Courses and Web-based Talks

John Venables, Department of Physics, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, and University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

Graduate Courses, Web-based Resources and Book

Over the last several years, I have taught two graduate courses at ASU each Spring semester. The first course is Quantum Physics and the second is Surfaces and Thin Films. Both had a web-based component, and the second has been taught (both on- and off-campus) primarily using the web. I also developed a related course at Sussex, Quantum Mechanical Models of Solids, with Edward Hernández and Malcolm Heggie, which was given most recently in 2005-06. This is no longer available from Sussex, but the most recent and some previous versions of this QMMS Course are available on my ASU site.

The Quantum Physics course (now NAN/PHY 571) is given in Fall by Dr Dmitry Matyushov, but I have kept my previous Quantum Physics on the web for reference, and project material. I gave a revized Surfaces course (renamed NAN/PHY/MSE 546) in Spring 2009, and again in 2010 and 2011. From 2012 the course has been given by Dr Peter Bennett, with me in the role of a guest lecturer. The course is currently underway for Spring 2013.

My Surfaces and Thin Films lectures were developed into a book which was published in the Fall of 2000, and can be ordered now! This book is the recommended text for Spring 2013, with updates and corrections on this site. Associated with these courses, book, and the talks described below, I have built up some Web-based Resources which may be of more general interest. If you want more details of a particular course, or want to add material to the resource base, please consult the associated web pages and then email me with an indication of your interests and needs.

Since Fall 2008, my main ASU job has been as Program director of a new graduate Professional Science Master's degree program, the PSM in Nanoscience, which is now in its 4th year. Both NAN 571 and NAN 546 are offered as part of this program. I am also helping to build a new course NAN 591: Professional Seminar for (and with) these PSM in Nanoscience students. If you are interested in joining this degree program, please follow the links and then contact us at

Web-based Talks and Articles

Many years ago (it seems), I wrote and gave talks on the use of the web as a supplement to teaching, particularly at graduate level. The shells of these talks can be accessed as follows. In the nature of the web, I can't guarantee that the links still work, but they did at the time of the talk.

    The following talks are only of historical interest in respect of the early stages of web-based and web-enhanced teaching:
  • Fall 1999 Talks for Aalborg Universitet Esbjerg, Denmark, Nottingham and South Bank Universities, UK.
  • February-March 1999 Arizona talks at ASU, UofA and NAU.
  • October 1998 UK Colloquia at Glasgow, York and Sussex.
  • June 1998 DTU Physics Colloquium, Copenhagen
  • December 1997 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston
  • 1997 talks in Boston, at ASU and to the AAPT Winter Meeting

The December '97 MRS talk is published in the Journal of Materials Education 20 (1998) 57-68, and a related paper has been published in Physics Education 33 (1998) 157-163, as noted on my research pages.

Latest version of this document: 13th January 2013.