Timetable-Two for Surface and Thin Films, Spring 2009

John Venables, Dept of Physics, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.

Timetable-Two: after Spring Break

Week            Lectures/Reading         Topics/Assignments

Mar  	Questions on sections 2, 3.1 and 3.2, plus preparation for Talks
16-20 	Section 3.3, or book Chap 3.3	

Mar  	Section 3.4, or book Chap 3.4, plus preparation for Talks
23-27	Section 3.5, or book Chap 3.5

Mar 30 	Structure of Talks, a recent conference example: Huts on Ge/Si(001)
Apr 3 	Q&A: Epitaxial crystal growth and surface diffusion mechanisms
Apr     Introduction to Ion-based techniques (lecture/lab visit with Dr Culbertson)
6-10 	Extended Consultation (Apr 8): Private study (Apr 9)

Apr  	Student Talks: Shawn Whaley and Chiyu Zhu  
13-17 	Introduction to Electrochemistry (lecture by Dr Friesen)

Apr  	More on epitaxial crystal growth (lectures by Dr Venables)
20-24   Student Talks: Xiaoqian Li and Larry Mickelson  	

Apr 27  Private study (Apr 28); Extended Consultation (Apr 29)		
May 1 	Student Talks: Thomas Heaton and Jordan Kennedy	
May  	Finish up crystal growth (May 5); Extended Consultation (May 6 and/or 7)
4-8     Term projects due by Friday, May 8 at midday

To get an idea of possible choices after Spring Break, consult the Lecture list, the current Course outline, or the Book contents. What will actually happen is subject to consultation with individual students.

Important dates: 
	April 3/5 Course withdrawal inperson/online; 
	May 5, Last day of classes; May 6, Reading Day; May 8, Written Projects due:
	(this course does not have a written Final Exam); May 14, Commencement.

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Latest version of this document: 6th May 2009, amended 29 Jan 2010.