Timetable for Surface and Thin Films, Spring 2011

John Venables and Colleagues, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.


  • Meeting times are twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1.30-2.45, in Engineering Center G (ECG) Room G320. We will not necessarily use all these slots and individual or group work will also take place outside these hours. An outline plan of what reading is expected is given below.
  • The initial Outline and a page of Web-based Resources have been created; these will be further developed as the course proceeds. There will also be a file indicating Assignments and when they are due. Note that none of these assignments should be done 'blind'. They all require prior consultation on whether they are appropriate for your individual needs. This timetable will be adjusted as the semester proceeds.

Timetable to Spring Break

Week            Lectures/Reading         Topics/Assignments

The timetable will be rewritten as the semester proceeds: this is now finalized to Spring Break 

Jan  	Section 2.1, or book Chap 2.1, lectures by Dr Bennett
17-21 	Section 2.2, or book Chap 2.2, plus start Assignments especially Assignment #2

Jan  	Section 2.3, or book Chap 2.3, lectures and Lab visit with Dr Bennett
22-28	Section 1.4, or book Chap 1.4

Jan 31 	Questions on sections 2.1 to 2.3, plus continue Section 1.4, or book Chap 1.4
Feb 4 	Section 1.5, or book Chap 1.5, submit parts of Assignment #2

Feb   	Section 3.1, or book Chap 3.1
7-11 	Section 3.2, or book Chap 3.2, discuss Assignment #2
Feb  	Continue Section 3.2, or book Chap 3.2 
14-18	Section 3.3, or book Chap 3.3

Feb  	Return/ continue assignments, and Section 3.4, or book Chap 3.4
21-25	Special lecture by Dr Ernst Bauer on Surface Microscopy: LEEM and PEEM

Feb 28  Lab visit (Dr Robert Nemanich, Surface Science lab)	
Mar 4 	Section 1.1 and Section 1.2 , or book Chap 1.1 & 1.2	
Mar  	Section 1.3, or book Chap 1.3
7-11 	Continue, wrap up Assignment #2 and discuss Assignment #1	

March 	Spring Break

We will develop Timetable-Two for the remainder of the semester. To get an idea of possible choices after Spring Break, consult the Lecture list, the current Course outline, or the Book contents. What will actually happen is subject to consultation with individual students.

Important dates: 
	March 13-20, Spring Break; 
	April 8/10 Course withdrawal inperson/online; 
	May 3, Last day of classes; May 4, Reading Day; May 6, Written Projects due:
	(this course does not have a written Final Exam); May 12, Commencement.

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