PSM in Nanoscience: Capstone Conference

Professional Science Masters (PSM)
degree program in Nanoscience:
Capstone Conference pictures

John A. Venables*, Anastassia Pavlovska and Araceli Vizcarra

Department of Physics, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona,
* also at: London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College London, UK.

Professional Science Master's This page is currently in development to complement the Capstone Conference page on the new PSM in Nanoscience web site. In our case, we are requiring that the students produce an actual Poster, and have instituted a "Capstone Conference" at which they defend their poster in public. The first such conference was held on 29th December 2010. This page presents a selection of Photos, taken by Dr Anastassia Pavlovska (AP) and Ms Araceli Vizcarra (AV). A more complete set of (AP) Photos is available at higher resolution on the Snapfish web site.

The main reason for producing this page is so that you can see and maybe capture/download the pictures that were taken at this event, and may also view impromptu Welcoming Remarks, captured on Video by Dr Pavlovska. Prints may be ordered from if you click on the Snapfish link above. Please be aware that you will be required to give your email address to Snapfish if you want to see all the pictures, and that will result in possible future advertizing from them. But it is easy to unsubscribe with a single click.

Capstone Conference Photos

Figure 1
Dr Regan Stinnett makes welcoming remarks as prospective student Tucker, Drs Johnson and Chamberlin listen; Photo AP
Figure 2
Ceyhan Beckham with his poster, and Advisor Dr Robert Marzke; Photo AV
Figure 3
Phani Kondapani with his poster, and Advisor Dr Stuart Lindsay; Photo AV
Figure 4
Manpuneet Kaur's poster, Dr Venables and PSM students Mike and Chris; Photo AV
Figure 5
Swasti in discussion with Board Member Dr Vladimir Noveski; Photo AV
Figure 6
Interested discussion around Ceyhan's poster; Photo AV
Figure 7
Phani with Dr Brett Gyarfas, who worked closely with him in the Lab; Photo AV
Figure 8
Phani and Swasti Nag prepare to mount her poster; Photo AP
Figure 9
Swasti Nag with (a part of) her large poster; Photo AV
Figure 10
Dr Ernst Bauer was very interested by Daniel Mieritz's poster; Photo AP
Figure 11
Phani Kondapani gets serious with Dr Bauer and Dr Ralph Chamberlin; Photo AP
Figure 12
Xin Liu explains his and Sandeep Gill's poster to Delia Venables; Photo AP
Figure 13
Andrew Walker explains his poster to prospective student Ahmed; Photo AP
Figure 14
Did Dr Stinnett say something unexpected? Two faces seem to say so; Dr Goryll gives nothing away; Photo AP
Figure 15
Dr Jin He, student Matt, Dr Marzke and Dr Stinnett, with his poster; Photo AP
Figure 16
Dr Anastassia Pavolvska, with Dr John and Ms Delia Venables, plus discussion in the background; Photo AV?

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Latest version of this document 29th December 2010.