PSM in Nanoscience: Capstone Conference

Professional Science Masters (PSM)
degree program in Nanoscience:
Capstone Conference for graduating students

John A. Venables*, Anastassia Pavlovska and Araceli Vizcarra

Department of Physics, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona,
* also at: London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College London, UK.

Professional Science Master's This page is posted to complement the Capstone Conference page on the new PSM in Nanoscience web site.

The expectation for the PSM degree programs, and more generally for non-thesis Professional Masters degrees, is that they have an indentified Capstone Course that is special to the degree program, and that there is a notable "Culminating Experience", or Final Event if you prefer, to mark the successful completion of the degree.

In our case, we are requiring that the students produce an actual Poster, and have instituted a "Capstone Conference" at which they defend their poster in public. The first such conference was held on 29th December 2010. This informal event is at one remove from the Formal Requirements to graduate, which are set out on the new web site at Steps to Graduation.

Here, we can say that we all had a good time; most of the graduating and recently graduated students did indeed present their posters. The few who didn't had an excellent excuse: they were either at a real conference, working hard at their new job, or had left town before our conference took place. Dr Anastassia Pavlovska, herself a well-known Nano-scientist, took many photos and a video, and our Graduate Coordinator Ms Araceli Vicarra also took some photos, and helped both before and after the conference in many ways. This experience was repeated in December 2011, when a somewhat smaller group graduated, and when the number of photographs taken was reduced.

The main reason for producing this page is so that you can see and maybe capture/download a selection of pictures that were taken at this event, and some impromptu Welcoming Remarks, captured on Video by Dr Pavlovska (this is a large file, >400Mb, so it may require a good fast link). Prints of all the pictures may be ordered from at the Snapfish link. Please be aware that you will be required to give your email address to Snapfish if you want to see all the pictures, and that will result in possible future advertizing from them. But it is easy to unsubscribe with a single click.

We would like to thank my wife Delia for the refreshments, and all those who attended for taking part, and interacting with the students in the intended spirit. In particular, Dr Regan Stinnett, our Advisory Board Chair co-hosted the meeeting, which was attended by several Board members, all at their own expense. The informal list of attendees is appended here.

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