Graduate Course: Quantum Physics

Book and Reference List

John A. Venables

Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 

This is one of several files containing lists of, and links to, web-based resources for use in connection with my graduate courses, web-based articles and talks. This file is a book and reference list for this ASU-based course in the Spring Semester 2006-2008. Latest version of this document 8th April 2008.
The main books for the course are: Optional books are:
Students can understand the formal course material on the basis of Gasiorowicz (either edition) alone, and indeed these books contain much more material than can be covered in a one semester course with a survey character. But some examples have been taken from other books to give the flavor of the history of Quantum Physics, of subfields within Quantum Physics, and of other topics. These books are listed below, with the sections referred to in the course.

The first topic where we went beyond the above books was Atomic Spectroscopy

The next topic was The Variational Principle

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