The MIDAS project at ASU: John Cowley's vision and practical results

J.A. Venables, G.G. Hembree, J. Drucker, P.A. Crozier and M.R. Scheinfein J. Electron Microscopy 54 (2005) 151-162


A review is given of the conception and development of the MIDAS system at Arizona State University: a Microscope for Imaging, Diffraction and Analysis of Surfaces. John Cowley's vision in the early 1980's was ambitious and far-reaching, and he was the reason why the authors came to ASU. We were centrally involved in design and implementation of MIDAS from the mid-eighties onwards; the novel design features are briefly reviewed. Practical results, obtained using this instrument are listed, and the scope for future development and applications are indicated. While it is clear that many new results have been demonstrated, even more possibilities still remain to be explored. Some comments are made about the feasibility of such developments in the light of competing instrumentation.

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