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    Items 103-107 in Inst. Phys. Conf. Ser. 52 (1980), Proc. EMAG'79.
    I 103.	Scanning Auger microscopy - resolution and quantification. 357-360
    	(A.P. Janssen and J.A. Venables).
      104.	A liquid helium cooled environmental cell for the JEOL 200A TEM. 39-42
    	(G.J. Tatlock, J. Spain, G. Raynerd, A.C. Sinnock and J.A. Venables).
      105.	The electron optical performance of a field emission gun SEM. 65-68
    	(J.A. Venables and A.P. Janssen).
      106.	A microscopic work function detector for surface studies, with 
    	application to Cs/W. 375-378
    	(A.P. Janssen, P. Akhter, C.J. Harland and J.A. Venables).
      107.	UHV SEM studies of Stranski-Krastanov growth systems. 383-386 
    	(P. Akhter, J. Derrien, A.P. Janssen and J.A. Venables).
    I 108.	Surface studies in a UHV field emission gun scanning electron 
    	microscope. J. Microscopy 118 (1980) 351-365 (J.A. Venables, 
    	A.P. Janssen, P. Akhter, J. Derrien and C.J. Harland).
      109.	Performance of a field emission gun scanning electron microscope 
    	column. Ultramicroscopy 5 (1980) 297-315 
    	(J.A. Venables and A.P. Janssen).
      110.	High spatial resolution surface potential measurements using 
    	secondary electrons. Surf. Sci. 93 (1980) 453-470 
    	(A.P. Janssen, P. Akhter, C.J. Harland and J.A. Venables).
    I 111.	Accurate microcrystallography in the SEM.  Proc. EMSA 38 (1980) 
    	184-187 (J.A. Venables, C.J. Harland and P. Akhter).
      112.	Direct observation of the nucleation and growth modes of Ag/Si(111).
    	Surf. Sci. 95 (1980) 411-430 
    	(J.A. Venables, J. Derrien and A.P. Janssen).
    	Items 113-115 in Proc. Eur. Reg. Conf. Electron Microscopy (1980) vol 1.
      113.	On the design of FEG-SEM columns. 54-55 (J.A. Venables and G.D. Archer).
      114.	Crystallographic contrast from electron backscattering patterns with a
    	small angle detector. 252-253 (C.J. Harland and J.A.Venables).  
      115.	Collection and analysis of SEM and TEM data using a random access 
    	video frame store. 502-503 (C.J. Harland and J.A. Venables).
      116.	UHV SEM studies of Stranski-Krastanov growth systems. Proc. 4th 
    	Intl. Conf. on Solid Surfaces (1980) 1, 42-45 
    	(J.A. Venables, P. Akhter and J. Derrien).
      117.	Accurate microcrystallography at high spatial resolution using 
    	electron back scattering patterns in a FEG-SEM. 
    	J. Phys. E14 (1981) 175-182 (C.J. Harland, P. Akhter and J.A. Venables).
    I 118.	Electron microscopy of surfaces. Ultramicroscopy 7 (1981) 81-98.
    I 119.	Quantitative microanalysis, a comparison of techniques: in 
    	"Quantitative microanalysis with high spatial resolution"(1981) 205-209.
      120.	Observation of a registered phase in Cs/W(110).  
    	Surf. Sci. 102 (1981) L41-45 (P. Akhter and J.A. Venables).
      121.	SEM observations of Cs monolayers on polycrystalline tungsten.
    	Surf. Sci. 103 (1981) 301-314 (P. Akhter and J.A. Venables).
      122.	Structural studies of xenon and krypton monolayers on graphite using
     	transmission electron diffraction.  Surf. Sci. 105 (1981) 536-564 
    	(P.S. Schabes-Retchkiman and J.A. Venables).
    I 123.	Analytical electron microscopy in surface science; in "Chemistry 
    	and physics of solid surfaces IV" (1982) 123-147.
    I 124.	Nucleation and growth of thin films; in "Surface mobilities on 
    	solid materials" NATO-ASI series B86 (1982) 339-402 (copyright date 1983)
    	(J.A. Venables and G.D.T. Spiller).
      125.	An electron diffraction study of the structures of SF6 below 94K. 
    	Acta Cryst. B38 (1982) 1896-1900
    	(G. Raynerd, G.J. Tatlock and J.A. Venables).
      126.	A LEED study of adsorbed Neon on graphite. Surf. Sci. 115 (1982) 
    	455-468 (S. Calisti, J. Suzanne and J.A. Venables).
      127.	Lead on graphite: equilibrium shape, crystal growth, melting and 
    	the early stages of oxidation.  Phil. Mag. A46 (1982) 1015-1022 
    	(J.J. Metois, G.D.T. Spiller and J.A. Venables).
    I 128.	Auger electron spectroscopy and microscopy: progress and prospects.
    	Proc. 10th Intl. Cong. Electron Microscopy, Hamburg 1 (1982) 181-188
     	(J.A. Venables and D.J. Fathers).
    I 129.	UHV-SEM studies of surface processes - recent progress.
    	Ultramicroscopy 11 (1983) 149-156 (J.A. Venables, G.D.T. Spiller,
    	D.J. Fathers, C.J. Harland and M. Hanbucken)
      130.	Complete and incomplete wetting in multilayer adsorption: high 
    	energy electron diffraction studies of Xe, Ar, N2 and Ne films on 
    	graphite. Phys. Rev. Lett. 51 (1983) 122-125
    	(J.L. Seguin, J. Suzanne, M. Bienfait, J.G. Dash and J.A. Venables).
      131.	UHV-SEM study of the nucleation and growth of  Ag/W(110). Surf. Sci.
    	131 (1983) 517-533 (G.D.T. Spiller, P. Akhter and J.A. Venables).
      132.	A model for the growth shape of crystallites on surfaces.
    	J. Cryst. Growth 64 (1983) 239-256 (J.M. Bermond and J.A. Venables).
    I 133.	Nucleation and growth of thin films: recent progress.
     	Vacuum 33 (1983) 701-705.
    I 134.	Surface Processes in the nucleation and growth of thin films. Proc.
    	9th Intl. Vacuum Congress (1983), invited speakers volume 26-34.
      135.	An electron microscope helium stage for use with a side-entry 
    	window-type environmental cell.  J.Phys. E17 (1984) 228-233
    	(R.J. Keyse, G. Raynerd and J.A. Venables).
    	Items 136-138 in Inst. Phys. Conf. Ser. 68 (1984), EMAG '83.
      136.	Growth and diffusion studies on Ag on Si(100) and (111), by UHV-SEM
    	and micro-AES. 135-138 (M. Hanbucken, M. Futamoto and J.A. Venables).
      137.	Auger electron spectra from bulk materials. 139-142 
    	(D.R. Batchelor, D.J. Fathers, H.E. Bishop and J.A. Venables).
      138.	A digital data acquisition and analysis system for UHV-SEM studies 
    	of surface processes. 227-230 
    	(D.J. Fathers, C.J. Harland and J.A. Venables).
      139.	Nucleation and Growth of Thin Films. Rep. Prog. Phys. 47 (1984) 
    	399-459 (J.A. Venables, G.D.T. Spiller and M. Hanbucken).
      140.	Surface Cleaning of Si(100) and Ag/Si(100): Characterization by 
    	SEM, AES and RHEED.  Surf. Sci. 137 (1984) L92-96
     	(M. Hanbucken, H. Neddermeyer and J.A. Venables).
      141.	Crystallography and growth modes of thick physisorbed films on 
    	graphite. Surf. Sci. 145 (1984) 345-363 
    	(J.A. Venables, J.L. Seguin, J. Suzanne and M. Bienfait).
      142.	Nucleation, growth and the intermediate layer in  Ag/Si(100) and  
    	Ag/Si(111). Surf. Sci. 147 (1984) 433-450 
    	(M. Hanbucken, M. Futamoto and J.A. Venables). 
      143.	Geometrical Considerations in monolayer physisorption.
    	Surf. Sci. 148 (1984) 167-186 (L.W. Bruch and J.A. Venables).


      144.	Visualization of submonolayers and surface topography by biassed 
    	secondary electron imaging: applications to Ag layers on Si and W  
    	surfaces.  Surf. Sci. 150 (1985) 430-450 (M. Futamoto, M. Hanbucken,
    	C.J. Harland, G.W. Jones and J.A. Venables).
    I 145.	Digital data acquisition, display and analysis of signals from 
    	surfaces. Ultramicroscopy 17 (1985) 9-20 
    	(C.J. Harland and J.A. Venables).
      146.	Crystal growth and microstructures of solid krypton and xenon.
    	J. Cryst. Growth 71 (1985) 525-537 (R.J. Keyse and J.A. Venables).
      147.	Stacking fault energy and crystal stability of solid krypton and 
    	xenon. J. Phys. C18 (1985) 4435-4441 (R.J. Keyse and J.A. Venables).
      148.	Observation of surface diffusion by biassed secondary electron 
    	imaging: the case of Ag/W(110).  Ultramicroscopy 18 (1985) 439-444 
    	(G.W. Jones and J.A. Venables) 
    I 149.	Surface microscopy using scanned electron beams.
    	Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. A318 (1986) 243-257 (J.A. Venables,
    	D.R. Batchelor, M. Hanbucken, C.J. Harland and G.W. Jones).
    I 150.	SEM observations of Ag surface diffusion at the Si(111) Root 3-Ag 
    	interface. Surf. Sci. 168 (1986) 133-141 
    	(M. Hanbucken, T. Doust, O. Osasona, G. LeLay and J.A. Venables).
    I 151.	UHV-SEM studies of epitaxial crystal growth.
    	J. Vac. Sci. Tech. A4 (1986) 762-763.
    I 152.	Nucleation and growth processes in thin film formation.
    	J. Vac. Sci. Tech. B4 (1986) 870-873.
    I 153.	Visualization of submonolayers using biassed secondary electron 
    	imaging. Proc. XIth Intl. Cong. Electron Microscopy (1986) 1, 75-78. 
      154.	Low temperature structures of xenon monolayers on graphite.
    	Phys. Rev. B34 (1986) 7440-7443 
    	(A.Q.D. Faisal, M. Hamichi and J.A. Venables).
      155.	Computer modelling of field emission gun electron microscope columns.
    	Ultramicroscopy, 21 (1987) 33-45 (J.A. Venables and G. Cox).
    I 156.	HREM, STEM, REM, SEM- and STM. Surf. Sci. 181 (1987) 235-249
    	(J.A. Venables, D.J. Smith and J.M. Cowley).
      157.	Nucleation calculations in a pair-binding model.
    	Phys. Rev. B36 (1987) 4153-4162 (J.A. Venables).
      158.	Transmission electron diffraction and microscopy of condensed SF6.
    	Ultramicroscopy  23 (1987) 433-442 (G. Raynerd and J.A. Venables).
    I 159.	Scanning electron microscopic observations of monolayer deposits 
    	using biassed secondary electron and specimen current imaging.
    	SEM Supplement 1 (1987) 109-114 
    	(C.J. Harland, G.W. Jones, T. Doust, and J.A. Venables).
    I 160.	An electron optical comparison of spectrometer systems for high 
    	spatial resolution Auger microanalysis.
    	SEM Supplement 1 (1987) 115-122 (P. Kruit and J.A. Venables).
    I 161.	Surface diffusion and nucleation processes in thin film formation: 
    	the case of Ag/Si(111). MRS Symposium 94 (1987) 3-13
    	(J.A. Venables, T. Doust and R. Kariotis).
      162.	UHV conversion of a 300 kV high-resolution electron microscope.
    	Proc. 45th EMSA Meeting, (1987) 136-137 (P.R. Swann, J.S. Jones,
    	O.L. Krivanek, D.J. Smith, J.A. Venables and J.M. Cowley).
      163.	Xenon-graphite interaction near the commensurate-incommensurate 
    	transition. J. Phys. C20 (1987) 5717-5726 (the printed reprint page says volume C19, confusing...)
    	(R. Kariotis, J.A. Venables, M. Hamichi and A.Q.D. Faisal).
    	Items 164-165 are in Inst. Phys. Conf. Ser. 90 (1987), EMAG '87.
      164.	An ultra-high vacuum SEM with high collection efficiency electron
    	spectroscopy 9-12 (C.J. Harland, G. Cox, P.S. Flora, M. Hardiman,
    	G. Raynerd, M. Whitehouse-Yeo and J.A. Venables).
      165.	A field-emission STEM for surface studies. 85-88 
    	(J.A. Venables, J.M. Cowley and H.S. von Harrach).
      166.	High spatial resolution surface-sensitive electron spectroscopy using
    	a magnetic parallelizer. Ultramicroscopy 25 (1988) 183-193 
    	(P. Kruit and J.A. Venables).
      167.	The free energy of domain wall fluctuations in xenon on graphite.
    	J. Phys. C21 (1988) 3031-3046
    	(R. Kariotis, J.A. Venables and J.J. Prentis).
      168.	THEED studies of xenon on graphite. Ultramicroscopy 26 (1988) 169-176
    	(J.A. Venables, A.Q.D. Faisal, M. Hamichi, M. Hardiman, R. Kariotis
    	and G. Raynerd).
      169.	Transfer optics for high spatial resolution electron spectroscopy.
    	Proc. EMSA 46 (1988) 666-667
    	(G.G. Hembree, Luo Chuan-Hong, P.A. Bennett and J.A. Venables).
    I 170.	Electron microscopy in surface science. Proc. EMSA 46 (1988) 678-679.
      171.	Auger electron spectroscopy from elemental standards I; theoretical
    	calculations. Surface and Interface Analysis, 13 (1988) 193-201 
    	(D.R. Batchelor, P. Rez, D.J. Fathers and J.A. Venables).
    I 172.	New approaches to electron spectroscopy and microscopy. 
    	J. Microscopie et Spectroscopie Electronique, 13 (1988) 341
    	(J.A. Venables, D.R. Batchelor, P.S. Flora, C.J. Harland,
    	G.G. Hembree and Luo Chuan Hong).
      173.	The First ten years of BScEur. Internal University of Sussex Report 
    	(1988) 1-25 (J.A. Venables, J.D. Smith and J.W.P. Hirschfeld).
      174.	Scientists and good Europeans. University of Sussex Annual Report 
    	(1988) 14-15.
      175.	Lattice parameter and orientation of xenon on graphite at low 
    	pressures. Phys. Rev. B39 (1989) 415-425 
    	(M. Hamichi, A.Q.D. Faisal, J.A. Venables and R. Kariotis).
    	Items 176-178 are in Inst. Phys. Conf. Ser. 98 (1989), EMAG '89.
    I 176.	New developments in Electron Spectroscopy and Imaging. 289-294
    	(J.A. Venables, P.S. Flora, C.J. Harland, C.H. Luo and G.G. Hembree).
      177.	High collection efficiency electron spectroscopy in a UHV-SEM.
    	299-302 (P.S. Flora, M. Huang, C.J. Harland and J.A. Venables).
      178.	High spatial resolution secondary and Auger imaging in a STEM.
    	303-307 (J.S. Drucker, M. Krishnamurthy, C.H. Luo, G.G. Hembree and
    	J.A. Venables); also in Proc. EMSA 47 (1989) 208-209.
    I 179.	Surface studies by SEM and STEM; in "Evaluation of Advanced 
    	Semiconductor Materials by Electron Microscopy" 
    	NATO-ASI B203 (1989) 306-318 (J.A. Venables and P.A. Bennett).
      180.	Biassed secondary electron imaging studies of Ag/Si(111). 
    	Ultramicroscopy 31 (1989) 116-123
    	(T. Doust, F.L. Metcalfe and J.A. Venables).
      181.	Biassed secondary imaging in a UHV-STEM. Ultramicroscopy 31 (1989)
    	111-115 (G.G. Hembree, P.A. Crozier, J.S. Drucker, M. Krishnamurthy,
    	J.A. Venables and J.M. Cowley).
      182.	Auger electron spectroscopy from elemental standards II: Peak 
    	height and area. Surface and Interface analysis, 14 (1989) 700-708 
    	(D.R. Batchelor, H.E. Bishop and J.A. Venables).
      183.	Auger Electron spectroscopy from elemental standards III: Peak to
    	background ratios. Surface and Interface Analysis 14 (1989) 709-716
    	(D.R. Batchelor, H.E. Bishop and J A Venables).
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